There are many ideas as to how you can lose fat or gain muscle available. Some are backed by science while some still remain theories. We gathered some of these ideas here and made a simple guide for you to follow.

Step 1: Eat Often

Having a small meal five to eight times per day is the first step on your path to losing weight – which, granted, may sound a bit odd. Eating healthy fats and proteins in each meal also maintains your health. Eating this often will help to keep your metabolism going so it will keep burning energy.

Step 2: Lift Weights 3-6 Days a Week

Weight training is helpful for several reasons:

  • Having more muscles means more calories are being burnt
  • Uses more calories after the workout has been done
  • The effect of weight lifting can last for a full day, allowing more lean muscle growth

Step 3: Do Cardio

Cardio is great for your heart and increases your blood flow. This helps deliver nutrients within your body quickly so it will repair and grown muscle more quickly. It also helps make sure you burn a lot of calories. Here, cardio can be anything from walking 3 miles to sprinting 3 miles. It’s up to you, as long as you keep moving!

Step 4: Alleviate Stress

Stress can have a lot of physical problems on your body, including stopping your body from losing fat and gaining muscle, as well as making you sick. It can be impossible to get rid of all stressors, concentrating on ones regarding your physical self-image and goals is a good place to start. Stick to and reach your short term and long-term goals. It will take a while to see results, but they will happen if you keep it up!

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