How to Get a Six-Pack

Having a six-pack is a personal achievement: you are demonstrating that you not only have a strong body, but a strong enough will to keep up working out. This quick guide will tell you how to get your own six-pack.

   1. Resist Movement

You exercise your core the most when you are trying to resist a form of movement. Modern core workouts focus on these types of movements.

   2. Workout Everything

You don’t get to skip leg day just to get a six-pack! Making sure all your muscles are equally strong helps prevent any muscular imbalances in your body and helps you to lift more weight.

   3. Do Standing Workouts

There are some great floor workouts, but, you are likely to use your core muscles the most when you are standing.

    4. Eat Better

Stop that calorie counting and look out for those healthy and filling foods instead.

    5. Reduce Your Stress

The stress hormone, cortisol, causes you to store more stomach fat. Get rid of as much stress as you can and you’ll see your six-pack even sooner.


Here are a few exercises you should do when you have access to the equipment used in each:

  • Windmills – uses a kettlebell or dumbbell
  • Leg-elevated side planks
  • 3-point row – like a regular row, but with dumbbells and no bench
  • One-arm rack press
  • TRX Tuck Split – needs a TRX machine
  • TRX Pike – needs a TRX machine
  • Bent-arm leg raise
  • Plank walk-up

Additional Tips

  • Eat lots of protein
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Try to avoid carbs in the early morning
  • Move during the day – don’t sit for hours on end

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