We all know cardio is a great way to burn body fat and also an awesome way to keep your body in ship shape. However, a lot of people have come to think that they hate it because when they think cardio they think running on the treadmill until their lungs burn. This mindset discourages people and can end up making them give up on cardio altogether.

However, there is more than one way to do cardio besides simply running for twenty minutes straight. One of the most effective ways to do cardio is high intensity interval training and it is actually the best way to shed body fat. High intensity interval training, also known as HIIT, is the training process where you transition from low to moderate intervals into high intensity intervals with small breaks in between.

HIIT for fifteen minutes can actually burn up to the same amount of calories as a low intensity workout for thirty to forty-five minutes. This workout can be performed on multiple different machines as well as outdoors which means that you can change it up and keep your cardio interesting which will also motivate you to keep going.

Beginners can begin doing thirty seconds of moderate exercise and then do thirty seconds as hard as you can go and repeat. You should do this five to eight times the first time you try and then cool down for around five minutes. As you continue training this way you can increase the amount of sets you do which will increase your fat burning.

Our house of trainers at Shape It Fitness are readily available to help you figure out the cardio routine that will work best for you and your fitness goals. If you live in or around Tarzana, Reseda, Encino, Woodland hills, and Calabasas and want to find out what it will take to set up your own personalized fitness plan, you are welcome to come and check out Shape It Fitness, our private gym at Tarzana.

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